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What is accessed?

When you generate a huelab, we will access photos of you and their dates on Facebook.

None of your data is ever sold to a third party without your explicit authorization.

Payment and shipping information is never sent to our servers - it is handled by CanvasPop, a third party. View their privacy policy.

What is stored?

None of your photos are permanently stored when you generate a huelab. Your photos and your huelab graphic will be stored temporarily on our servers for processing.

Once you buy or share your huelab, the huelab graphic is stored permanently, but Facebook photos are not permanently retained on our servers. If you delete a photo from Facebook, it will not be accessible via huelab later.

Facebook account security is verified whenever a huelab graphic is viewed. You can share your huelab with friends, but they will only see the photos they have access to on Facebook.

Other data about your session might be stored for infrastructure optimization and debugging.

What is posted?

We never post anything to Facebook unless you request it. That means that unless you click a “share” link and then confirm your post, nothing will be posted.