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1. Connect to Facebook Grant access to your Facebook photos. Our app scans photos and dates to generate your huelab. For more information about the data we use, see privacy.
2. Analyze Photos servers analyze the colors in your photos and generate your huelab. The final product shows how the colors in your life have changed over time. Events like a purple-themed wedding or trip to the blue Mediterranean Sea might be key elements. Colorful objects from a particular period of your life - a dorm room with yellow walls or a favorite red shirt - might appear too.
3. Preview your Huelab The result is your photo signature, an analysis of hues over time. You can view and interact with your huelab to see how it relates to your photos. Look back in time to reveal the hidden picture life paints through social media.
4. Order your print Order your custom printed canvas, poster, or framed print. Your huelab print may be a conversation piece at the office, a splash of color for your bedroom wall, or the focal point of your living room.


Is each huelab unique?

Your huelab is your social photo signature - unless you have the exact photos or colors as another Facebook user, your huelab is unique to you.

I have a set of images which are not on Facebook. Can you create a huelab based on my pictures?

Absolutely! A huelab is a great way to commemorate special events or showcase your organization’s growth over time. Contact us to receive a quote.

What photos are included in my huelab?

Your huelab is composed of any Facebook photos in which you are tagged. However, because of a variety of privacy settings, some photos are visible on Facebook but not to apps outside Facebook and will not be included in your huelab. Note that there are many unexpected ways in which your privacy settings might be restricted - for example, clearing notices from your timeline can make photos inaccessible to, even when those photos are public and you are still tagged in them.

Are any individual photos or text printed on my print?

Only the huelab graphic displayed at checkout is printed on your print. No text or photos are printed with that graphic - we want your huelab to be abstract yet personal.

Interacting with Your Huelab

How can I see why certain colors are more prevalent in my huelab?

Move your mouse around the huelab to see the photos near that time. Click one of the five colored circles on the left of the huelab to highlight those particular colors in your photos.

Why don't my photos appear at the right time in my huelab?

Facebook strips all your photos of metadata before posting them and replaces the timestamps in your photos with the current time. If you uploaded your photos long after they were taken, their dates in Facebook might not reflect the actual time of the event. You can edit the dates of your photos within Facebook.

The Physical Canvas

Can I hang my huelab either vertically or horizontally?

Yes, you can hang your print either vertically or horizontally. Canvases and framed prints are delivered with a wire for hanging horizontally already installed.

How long does it take to receive my print?

We immediately send your graphic to CanvasPop. From the time you order, it takes 5-7 business days for production and then 3-7 days for standard shipping or 1-3 days for rush shipping.

Can I choose the size of my print?

Yes! At checkout, you will be presented with a range of size options.

I have other questions about delivery or about the physical print. Where can I find more information?

We partner with CanvasPop to fulfill your order. Your huelab graphic is sent to CanvasPop who prints, packages, and ships your print. For more information see CanvasPop’s help section.


How does huelab ensure my security and privacy?

Security and privacy are essential priorities at huelab. To read about what information is accessed, stored, or posted, see privacy.